James Tousignant

Senior Instructor, Caravan Guide

James Tousignant, PhD, lives in Duncan, B.C., Canada. By training, James is an experimental psychologist, grounded in the scientific method. For the past forty years, across four distinctly different career paths, he has worked to deepen his understanding of purpose and meaning, change and choice, destiny and fate.  As he tells it, one day he woke up, said “Yes” to life, and found himself on a journey of discovery and exploration that continues to delight and amaze.  For the past 15 years, with Daniel Goodenough as his teacher and collaborator, James has been in a conversation with life, unfolding the questions at the core of our being. 

In the following 5 minute clip, James shares some of his life mission exploration and what has changed in his life.

Carissa Kazyss

Caravan Guide

Carissa Kazyss, lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. She has formal training in Integral Psychology (MA) and Natural Resources Management (MNRM). She coaches, facilitates events, researches, writes, develops curriculum and consults on topics ranging from life mission to high sensitivity, ethics and tech, and health and wellness.

When Daniel Goodenough first published The Caravan of Remembering in 2016, Carissa knew in her bones that she had a role to play introducing Caravan to others. Since then, she has led Caravan Conversations Clubs, coached and developed online courses. Carissa has been training with Daniel Goodenough since 2010 and is inspired by the very organic transformation towards life mission she has seen in herself and others who work with Caravan.

Linda Shea

Caravan Guide

Linda Shea, PhD, is a nurse educator and coach with an enduring interest in transformational healing. Residing in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada, Linda has been involved with Caravan since 2016, and has been a student of Daniel’s for over 10 years. She enjoys working with people who have a passion and desire to be in service to something greater than themselves, and to do that in a manner that authentically expresses their unique essence. Through Caravan, Linda is honored to accompany people on their journeys of Life Mission inquiry, particularly at this time of transformation on the planet.

Christine Paquette

Caravan Guide

Christine Paquette, BA, is a Business Coach and Certified Facilitator with a lifelong passion and commitment to accompanying individuals in business who wish to transform their relationship with their businesses, their team, their colleagues. Christine has enthusiastically devoted more than 25 years working with and for different sizes of businesses in a myriad of industries. Christine’s interest in business started at a young age, having been raised with an entrepreneurial environment. 

Christine has been involved with Caravan since 2016 facilitating the Book launch of The Caravan of Remembering in Winnipeg, MB. Christine has been a student of Daniel for over 10 years which has transformed her life and connected her more deeply with her life mission. 

Christine’s life mission includes working with business professionals, employees, and owners who seek to deepen their relationship with their work in the world and how that serves as a vehicle for their life mission. Through the conversation with Caravan and the life mission inquiry through the scales, Christine guides individuals in the exploration of why they are connected to their particular business / work, who hey are becoming through their work, and what this calls them to do, that is aligned with their heart’s deepest desire.

Daya Harris

Caravan Guide

Daya Harris, B.Ed, lives in Richmond, B.C., Canada where she is a private tutor, actor, and transformational counsellor. Her Life Mission Quest began in earnest in 2014 when she attended one of Daniel Goodenough’s classes. Two years later, upon Caravan’s publication, she delved into the story and its teachings, becoming captivated and inspired to go deeper into her own life mission journey as well as supporting others in theirs. Daya has co-facilitated a Caravan Conversations Club for the past 4 years bringing Caravan’s offerings more and more into the world to serve each individual’s Life Mission Quest.

Leah Hille

Caravan Guide

Leah Hille, RTC, is a counsellor, artist and writer living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She has worked with Caravan since 2016, and co-hosts Caravan Conversations Clubs locally. Being a member of this initiative is a privilege as Leah truly loves the possibility of transformation that Caravan embodies. Finding meaning through authenticity, and truly choosing to live a fully lit up and joyful existence are the elements of Caravan that continue to inspire her work and her life.