Join Daniel Goodenough and the Caravan Guides for a thought-provoking exploration about life mission – an approach and process of self-discovery Daniel has been developing and teaching for 30 years. This rich self-study offers simultaneously foundation-building elements of life mission exploration and a container for deeper reflection. 

The courses build upon each other, with reflective questions peppered throughout, building towards asking the core questions of life mission – why am I here, what am I here to do, and who am I here to become.

Each course contains four modules, and each module is packed with: 

  • Dropping in practice
  • Audio narration of sections of The Caravan of Remembering
  • Journeys to attune you to the quiet of Caravan
  • Caravan scales embedded in the journeys
  • Q&As with Daniel about module themes
  • Additional life mission scales from Daniel's collection

Also offered:

  • Caravan Guide conversations about materials from the courses
  • A downloadable 10-page Expedition Journal
  • Live Q&A zoom calls with Daniel and the Caravan Guides
  • Caravan Guide office hours
  • Community space to explore with others

This courses offer foundation-building elements of life mission and a container for deeper reflection. If you are new to life mission or a seasoned explorer, this course will offer you well-honed material designed to gradually guide you into the territory of your life’s mission and the unfolding conversation that awaits you there.

Watch Intro Video

The promise of saying "yes" to life mission

with Daniel Goodenough