Caravan of Remembering offers a way, a process, a place, a roadmap and people to support those who want support with remembering why they are here. The material is based on years of research, coaching and instruction by Daniel Goodenough, who has developed clear processes for awakening to one's life mission and then taking action on it. 

Central to this work is answering the questions - why are you here, what are you here to do and who are you here to become. And then, how are you here to do what you came here to do, skillfully, artfully and sacredly. 

At it's core, this work is a practice of mastery through continuous inquiry that begins to open inner knowing about why one is here. A specific kind of inquiry is offered that allows us to organically uncover our reasons for being. 

There are some main assumptions to this work: 1) that everyone has a life mission, and 2) that everyone can remember what it is, and 3) that we all came in with what we need to do our life missions (it just needs honing sometimes). 

This process helps build inner trust, inner guidance and knowing, and confidence. Through deepening of inner stillness, a joyful exploration can be uncovered, resulting in radiant expression of you, who you came here to be. 

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by Daniel GoodenoughThe Caravan of Remembering: A Roadmap to the Awakening of your Life's Mission, by Daniel Goodenough, offers a process for remembering one's life mission.    

Questions about right livelihood and life’s mission have been an important part of every world religion and philosophy, from Buddha to Freud, Jung and Maslow.

As the story opens, David, a graphic designer in Chicago, is heading home after a particularly meaningless day at work. His life appears solid and satisfying on the outside, and in truth he feels he’s reached a new low point; he’s on a path he simply can’t continue.  Like many of us, David is at a crossroads.

He hears a mysterious female voice calling him, leading him to a desert world outside of time, where pilgrims seek the “high story,” or deepest meaning of their lives. In a style as subtle and evocative as the shifting desert sands, Daniel Goodenough immerses the reader in a mystical world.

As David does the work of journaling and remembering, the fog begins to lift; his life will never be the same. Reading his story, readers also do the work of connecting and remembering life mission in their own life.        

A few elements of The Caravan of Remembering:

*Written as a fictional experiential journey that allows you to reflect on your own journey in a contemplative context.

*Integrates the material and spiritual worlds in ways that are viable, practical, motivational and enduring.

*Unique and time-tested material, grounded in Daniel Goodenough's 30 years of working with thousands of life mission seekers.

*Inclusive of all spiritual paths and traditions, many of which are highlighted in the book.

*Timeless teachings of many wisdom traditions woven into the story, speaking to the larger life mission thread on the spiritual journey.

*An extensive curriculum of exercises to support you through your 'purpose process'.                               

“Unique, exceptional, insightful, thought-provoking, entertaining, The Caravan of Remembering is one of those life-affirming, life-affecting novels that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf. While very highly recommended for both community and academic library collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that The Caravan of Remembering is also available in Kindle and other ebook formats.”

Midwest Book Review

Reviewer's Choice - Small Press Bookwatch, July 2017                            


About Daniel Goodenough

Daniel Goodenough has invested a lifetime of research to discover and the create processes, services, systems, and platforms to support individuals, teams and enterprises to live their vision, and unique life mission in the way the world most needs it done. This began with living personal dreams as a touring musician and recording artist, obtaining a fine arts degree, working in the field of science, cofounding a graphic arts design studio as illustrator and designer. 

Turning over the design studio to his partner he left Chicago to work as a trainer for the International Success Institute. Together with Kimberly Herkert, Daniel cofounded The Way of the Heart in 1988, to train life mission and offer a full complement of personal development courses. After years of “life coaching” already, as the field of life coaching became a recognized profession he was certified as life coach in 1995. Daniel has developed over 14 classes in life mission along the way. 

Daniel brings this background to a deep understanding of and profound commitment to empowering others to manifest their life missions – and do it artfully skillfully and sacredly. He published The Caravan of Remembering in 2016 offer people a way to work with their life mission inquiry as a more self-directed pathway that includes a community of support.  

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